Big Plans | Planner 2019

2019 is right amidst several simmering social eventualities in INDIA.

Did you know, that every 1000 Kgs of plastic recycled saves 3000 Litres of water? or Did you know the latest developments in our country with respect to harnessing the 7500-Km long coastline, which could change business in India forever?

However, by now, what you do know- is that you’ve just laid hands on the most unique product designed, illustrated and carefully curated by #FlyingElephantDesigns and #AnayaByAkruthi

“The 2019 Planner”

Brimming with some gripping facts about Section 377, 2019 General Elections, Make in India, Plastic Ban and much more; ours far from any regular planner you’ll find this year.
As you plan your days with our planner, be prepared to get enlightened about your very own country- as a lot is unearthed to blow your mind!


And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!

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